Some Women wear makeup during Triathlon … Get OVER it

I am normally a very positive person. Like probably one of the more positive people you would ever meet. I am a lover and not a fighter. I believe in MAGIC and the stars and the moon and the sun. I love the Universe and chakra stones. I meditate I am happy.

I am one of those people that will cry FIRST in a fight if I am hurt or sad. I am one of those people that will talk things through straight up versus have tension. I don’t like to have conflict in my heart or life.


If I am backed into a wall … The same intensity and passion that you see me loving the shit out of life will come out in the form of a fighter. I will not keep quiet on certain issues and in certain situations. Sometimes getting angry is a good thing. Sometimes getting passionate is a good thing.


Now that we have that cleared up … Can I vent for a minute? And I may swear a lot. Just warning now. I just do that in real life so I am not sugar coating my authenticity at this moment.


I am SO fucking sick of women degrading other women. Showing disrespect. Being passive aggressive.

I am going to close this in on the athletic world.

I choose to see the positive in my sports of running and triathlon. I choose to see the positive in social media. Every day. I honestly don’t buy into bullshit and give zero fucks what anyone thinks of me besides like five people so I just do what I do and have the time of my life.


Some women choose not to do this. And it seems as though they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make other women feel bad. Or themselves feel better. Or make fun. Or degrade. Or act superior. Or whatever.

First of all … Where are you finding the damn time to give ANY fucks what anyone else does. It is all I can do to make sure my teeth are brushed every day and my kids, let alone if your teeth are brushed! So really….Where do you find the time? I would love to know!


Second … WHY do you care what other women are doing if it has ZERO impact on who you are as a person. For example and the whole reason this blog started….

A girl in a popular Triathlon Group on Facebook posed a question on the best waterproof mascara for a race.

VALID question if wearing mascara is your jam! 90% of the responses were awesome and I was getting some ideas and I contributed my opinion and of course mentioned my favorite lipstick that doesn’t budge during races! But some women … It isn’t like they are flat out rude … No … Women are more subtle. I always say I would fear a woman more than a man because women play the mental fucking with your head game and get passive aggressive. For example:

 Really – makeup for a Tri ??

 Hahaha makeup for a tri?

Women wear mascara during races??

Ummmm apparently they fucking do if she asked the question ladies. You KNOW that. And if you read even three responses you would see that so do a lot of other people. If the post doesn’t pertain to you … Why even ask? Why comment? Scroll on.

Why be passive aggressive in the slightest. Yes. Here is a news flash for all women out there. SOME WOMEN LIKE TO WEAR MAKEUP WHEN THEY RACE OR WORKOUT. Accept it.

It has no bearing on whether or not YOU are a beautiful sexy badass queen yourself so don’t worry if you get passed by someone who can bat her long waterproof massacred up eyelashes at you on the way. Slap her ass and tell her to go chick the dude in front of you!


Well probably because she fucking likes to wear mascara during races. Insert fucking eye roll. I doubt she is asking “for a friend” or for shits and giggles. Why ask Why? If you have to explain WHY to someone … most likely they will never understand. Period.

 I have other things to be concerned with on race day.

This was my favorite comment! Hahaha!

Yah … So do I. Like what if I pass out and an extremely sexy Firefighter has to assist me and then I wake up and his eyes are the first thing I see and smile and fall in love at first sight and at least I know that if I smell like piss, sweat, lake water and Gu that my lips are ruby red and ready for that first kiss. That is the kind of “other things” I have to be concerned with. But to each their own. If a podium is your thing … Rock on with your bad self and I will high five the shit out of you for being a badass and working that ass off to get there. I just hope you high five me too when my firefighter sets me back off on the course and then is waiting at the finish line for me with a medal and our second kiss with my lipstick still on point. Let’s celebrate all “concerns” on race day!

Are you serious?

Another doozy. Yah lady. And if you take four effing seconds you will see so are ALL the other women who are posting their favorite mascara too. Here is my question for you…

Why are YOU so serious…

For the record. I don’t even wear mascara for races! I like my bright and bold lips but that is all for me. But after reading all the girls success stories with waterproof mascara I just may try for my next race. Why Not? Then I can bat my eyes at my firefighter as well as pucker my red lips.

I also don’t buy the “women don’t need makeup to be beautiful or badass” … Well we also don’t NEED a medal when we cross the finish line BUT it makes you feel pretty damn good to wear that around your neck. Women need what they need to feel beautiful. That will be different for EVERYONE. And there is zero room for judgement on what makes an individual FEEL beautiful and pretty and badass  … all at the same time.

Just be nice ladies. Who gives a flying fuck what anyone else does!!! Let’s celebrate that we all are choosing a healthy hobby and lifestyle. That we get up most days and train our asses off so we can have those 10 seconds in the finisher shoot and run across the finish line to our loved ones. We all put in the same work … don’t bite my head off there … I understand the different intensity levels but ultimately we all work our asses off according to our own standards and goals.

Don’t worry about what people wear. Don’t worry about what is on another woman’s eyelashes.

It doesn’t mean you are less beautiful because she has mascara on. Or runs in a sports bra. Or swims in a bikini.

It just means you are different people. And like different things. Yet have a common ground of the love of a sport.

Celebrate diversity and how amazing it is that we live in time where we can be EXPRESSIVE with our personalities and have a little fun with color and authenticity.

Be a girl’s girl. Show respect. Show love. Show compassion. And show our future generation of girls that it is OK to be different and unique and express yourself!

What comes to mind is an all time favorite quote.

Don’t worry about what I am doing … Worry about why you are worried about what I am doing.

That is all.

I will be back to Namaste Steph tomorrow. But thank you for letting me rant.