Not all those who wonder . . . are lost.

Do you ever feel a tugging in your soul to travel?
A longing in your heart for places you’ve never been to and people you haven’t met yet?

Living in wonder brought a solo female backpacker from a cold winter in Chicago to a magical journey through Vietnam. By listening to the tugging in her soul and letting intuition and wonderlust guide her adventure in Southeast Asia, she returned with the self-discovery of liberation and empowerment.

During these travels, she reawakened love in a charming town near the sea, found courage on top of a mountain overlooking hundreds of islands, and discovered passionate romance deep in the lush Vietnamese mountains. Her path continually crossed with perfect strangers who became close friends and teachers; and serendipity brought her a lover unexpectedly, at first glance.

Wonderlust shows the beauty of solo travel: that you are never really alone. The ones who are supposed to cross your path always do, and your life is forever enriched. You will see how flirting with wonder and intuition can catapult you bravely into the unknown and on adventures beyond your wildest dreams.


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 Breakups SUCK!

They are painful, messy, and traumatic, and leave your head spinning, wondering big questions like “What now?” and “How do I actually move on?”

When severing ties with someone who was once the most important person in your life, it can feel like you are still being pulled back into the relationship or to that person almost like to an addiction that has just been ended. Just as there is help for ending other addictions, Clean will be your greatest resource to mending your broken heart and ending the cycle of your relationship.

In Clean, you will be guided through a twelve-step program to free yourself from the chains of the relationship and begin to see that this breakup is the catalyst for you to begin living your best, most creative, and exciting life yet. Navigating through the steps will include:

· Embracing the suck and learning to wade through the really hard emotions

· Learning the reasons why no contact with your ex for a period of time is for your own benefit

· Exploring exciting ideas for where to channel your newfound time and energy post-breakup

Through journal questions and action steps, you will be guided along through every chapter. At the end of this proven program, you will be able to finally stand tall and say, “I am clean.”



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Adventures from Solo Trekking through Argentina and Chile in the heart of Patagonia.