Yoga, Meditation and Reiki


Upcoming Workshops

January 19th, 6-8pm: Paint and Meditate

at YOGA NOW Chicago

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February 9th 6-8pm: Unleash Your Inner Goddess Workshop

at YOGA NOW Chicago

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February 23rd 9-12pm: Reiki Level 1 Attunement/Certification

in Naperville, IL

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February (Date TBD): Unleash Your Inner Goddess Weekend in Batavia, IL

February (Date TBD): Group Sharing and Healing Circle


Workshops Offered


unleash your inner goddess

In this 90 minute workshop, we will SLOW DOWN! We will start by working our way into our Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is your passion and pleasure centre and it is located in the pelvic area. The second chakra is the centre of emotion, sensuality, and intimacy. The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. It allows you to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness. You will be guided through moving meditations to open your hips and low back and feel the power of your own sensuality. This workshop is a safe place to move through your emotions and let your guard down. We will unlock our Inner Goddess because she is in each of us waiting to be unleashed!


Paint and Meditate

This is my signature workshop and most popular for a Girl's Night IN! Bring your favorite bottles of wine or beverage of choice and prepare for an adventure into your SOUL. We start the night with a group meditation to unleash our creativity. This is followed by a 90 minute soul painting session on life size canvas. You will be painting your answers to my questions and will discover your innermost desires, worth and wild spirit. This is a fun and yet deeply therapeutic session you will want to experience with your friends. We will follow up the painting session with a Q&A and chocolate! This workshop typically lasts around 2 hours and can only be done in person.


Full Moon yoga and meditation

Once a month we will honor the Full Moon with a specific Meditation and Yoga Practice during this 1 Hour Workshop. This will change monthly because the Full Moon each month has different names and meanings which we will learn. We will release, set new intentions for the month and have an Art Therapy project in conjunction with the meaning for the month. You will feel the power of the moon and its vibrations with the earth in this workshop. Together we will draw on the moon's energy to reenergize our mind, body and spirit.



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Weekend Retreats

I teach weekend retreats for:

Unleash Your Inner Goddess Girls Weekends
Yoga Studios
Individual/Private Clients
Bachelorette Parties
or simply a group of friends who want to have a personalized YOGA Retreat!

The weekend includes Yoga, Meditation, Journaling and an Art Therapy Painting Project. It begins Friday evening and concludes Sunday by noon. I will send the sample itinerary when you contact me and we can tweak it to fit your wants and needs!

I can teach these in your home, at a rented space for your group or studios. I travel throughout the US and Internationally.

I have a flat rate for the weekend (no matter the size of the group) Email me for availability and pricing!

Day Retreats

This is a shortened version of my signature weekend retreat. We will dive deep into the world of Yoga, Meditation and Art Therapy with a customized schedule based around your needs and desires.



what is reiki?

I have been a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher since 2014 . I have been a student of Reiki since 2012. I am both an individual practitioner and can certify (attune) individuals or groups to become practitioners themselves.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life force

(Rei: Universal/Spiritual Life Force, Ki: Energy)

Reiki is an ancient and gentle, safe form of energy healing. It restores the energetic balance and sets an environment for wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person by placement of the hands on or just above the body, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Reiki promotes healing by increasing the Universal Life Force Energy, which exists in all things. It helps to open blockages in the chakra energy centers and restore balance.

Reiki is an excellent complementary form of healing that works well in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. It is not meant to be a substitute for Western medicine when needed. The purpose of Reiki is to bring additional energy to the body for use in healing. It works to bring your body into complete harmony and bliss.

Individual Reiki Sessions

In a Reiki session, the client can lay or sit down. Like a massage, Reiki is very relaxing, however, unlike a massage, the client is fully clothed. I incorporate touching of the head, shoulders, hands, knees, back and feet with client permission.


Monday: 12:00 or 1:00 pm Appointment

Tuesday: 12:00 or 1:00 pm Appointment

Wednesday: 2:00 pm Appointment

Friday: 2:00 pm Appointment

For evening and weekend appoints please email me at


$65/hour or $35/half hour

Long Distance Reiki is offered for clients who are not local. It is 30$ and I will coordinate and be in contact with you on when you want the energy sent.

Reiki Certifications:

Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher

I offer courses in certification in Reiki 1, 2, 3/Master and 4/Master Teacher.

Reiki certification classes are about 3 hours each. You only need to take level one to be able to offer Reiki to yourself and others. In the subsequent levels, you learn how to send Reiki long distance, how to use additional methods like pendulums, crystals and oils and how and why to access different Reiki symbols.

Who Is This Training For?

Anyone with a sincere open intention of bringing this healing modality into their lives to benefit themselves and/or others. Reiki is very simple to learn and anyone can learn without prior experience. It is not taught in the way that other healing techniques are taught; the ability to use Reiki is transferred from Reiki Master to student during an "Attunement" process. This allows the student to immediately tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy".

Understand Reiki is a complementary healing modality and that you, in no way, will be trained to diagnose/treat medical conditions, unless you have prior training allowing you to do so.

All Reiki Courses include:

-Lecture, Attunement, Demonstrations and Practice time.

-A certificate acknowledging your achievement.

I can attune individuals or do group attunement courses with a cap of 10 students.

I will travel for private/group sessions throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Reiki Certification Classes are $250

Email me for certification course times and availability at